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Company Profile

Rimoni Industries, publicly traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange, specializes in manufacturing injection molds and in precise injection-molding for the automotive, medical, electronic and agricultural industries.

Rimoni Industries is based on the idea of synergy: combining mold making craftsmanship with thermoplastic injection technology to provide a unified plastic manufacturing and assembly solution.

Our expertise derives from our mold manufacturing plant established over 60 years ago. Our mold manufacturing know-how is the backbone for each project and enables us to provide high quality, cost-effective and responsive turn-key solutions.

The seamless integration of services - from mold design to mold making, plastic injection, assembly, packaging and shipping - enables Rimoni Ind to take full responsibility for quality control, at every stage of the production process, and to provide a one-stop shop for the three step of plastic production: mold making, plastic injection and assembly.

Combining all stages of plastic production under one roof provides our customers with the unbeatable advantage of a streamlined process, producing the finest quality products- with minimum oversight and the fastest time to market.

Rimoni Industries is a family-run corporation managed by the sons of the Company's founder, Mr. Yotam Rimoni. The Company employs more than 500 workers at two modern plants spanning 2,000 sqm and 12,000 sqm respectively.