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Why Choose Us?

Our Vertical Integration

Rimoni Industries integrates a mold manufacturing plant and a plastic injection plant, as well as manual and automated product assembly facilities – all under one roof.

As a result, our customers enjoy streamlined production of the finest quality plastic products, with minimum overhead and the fastest time-to-market.


Top Quality in-house Mold Manufacturing Factory

Rimoni is an established mold manufacturer, which provides the plastic injection division with in-house mold maintenance, repair, upgrading and quality control services.

Our customers do not need to juggle between different suppliers and locations, and the result is streamlined production with minimal down-time and highest quality products.

All improvements and repairs to injection molds are done in-house in our top-quality mold manufacturing plant with over 50 years of accumulated experience. This provides our customers with important advantages, including:

  • Minimum down time.
  • Improved ability to support off-shore molds.
  • Professional repair services for complex molds that are done by professional engineers in a mold manufacturing plant (as opposed to maintenance departments in plastic production factories).


Large Capacity

The Rimoni plants consist of 97 injection machines with a clamping range from 35 to 500 tons. The machines operate in two modern air-conditioned plants that work 24 hours a day, 364 days a year.

The large number and range of machines at our facilities enable us to execute multi-component projects under one roof.




Off-Shore Mold Production

Rimoni offers its customers the option to import injection molds from the Far East at comfortable prices; providing project oversight, quality control and support from the design stage to production and shipping.

Injection at the Rimoni facilities in Israel (with Rimoni providing quality control and repair services for the molds) is a preferable option since it enables us to oversee the complete production cycle and ensure top-quality molds.


Financial Stability

Rimoni Industries is an economically stable company traded on the Tel Aviv stock exchange, and has been enjoying continuous economic growth since its establishment.


Quality Assurance

Rimoni Industries adheres to a strict international quality standarts.



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