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Rimoni provides complete solutions for a range of agricultural products for both the local and international markets. Developing agricultural products combines our in-depth understanding of the needs of different users and applications combined with our technological capabilities to meet the requirements for accuracy and precision in manufacturing the highest quality products.

Rimoni designs, develops and manufactures for leaders in agriculture, including Netafim, Metzer, ARAD Dalia, Dorot, Afimilk and others. We take great pride in cooperating with companies that are leading the way in technological advances in irrigation, water, food, growth and efficiency.

Water Meter

By Dorot

CoolNet Pro

By Netafim

IOT Irrigation Controller

By Galcon

Gali Dripper

By Metzer

Inbar Dripper

By Metzer


By Netafim

Electronic Cow Tag

By Afimilk

Milk meter

By Afimilk


Adi Dripper

By Metzer

Irrigation Components

By Various Companies

Control Valve

By Dorot & Netafim

Irrigation Components

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