Rimoni Industries Mold Production and Injection Molding of Micro Parts

Rimoni specializes in mold manufacturing and injection molding of micro parts for industries such as medical equipment and automotive manufacturing.


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Micro-Part Mold Production

The Rimoni mold production division manufactures accurate quality molds for micro-parts, employing our in-house expertise and modern equipment.



Micro-Part Injection Molding

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The Rimoni thermoplastic injection plant includes the Arburg Alldrive series AllRounder 270A-350-70, equipped with micro-injection module, a specialized electric injection machine for production of micro parts.

The Arburg machine is equipped with a special micro-injection module combining an 8-mm injection screw with a second screw for melting the material. This special system achieves minimal shot-weight with great precision and maintains full control over all parameters of the plastic injection.


Specialized Resins

Rimoni works with complex technical resins often used in creating micro-parts such as PEEK, PTFE, PES, CFRP and more.