Mold Production and Injection Molding for the Automotive Industry

Rimoni Industries has been supplying parts for the automotive industry for over 20 years. Our services include design and engineering of molds for car parts, injection molding of plastic parts, inline fuel filters, and assembly of composite parts.

Rimoni adheres to strict international safety and quality standards for automotive part production and assembly.


MPE – A Rimoni Subsidiary 


Rimoni Industries established MPE in order to address the unique demands of the automotive industry. MPE is a project management and marketing company that provides top solutions for complex automotive projects.


MPE supports its customers with advanced EDI and ERP systems, and is considered a leading supplier of integrated solutions and services to the international automotive industry.

Rimoni Industries produces complex integrated metal and plastic components. Among our customers are leading car manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW,Volkswagen, Daimler and Bentley.

MPE Tech 06 MPE Tech 01 DSC 8228
DSC 0569b DSC 7887

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