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Rimoni Industries Injection Molding Division

Rimoni is a producer of plastic parts by thermoplastic injection molding. Rimoni specializes in producing precision plastic parts for the medical, electronics and automotive industries.

The Rimoni Climate-Controlled Production Plants

The Rimoni modern climate-controlled production plants include:

  • A central resin suction system and a central cooling system for molds and injection machines.
  • 97 injection machines (by manufacturers such as Nestal, Demag, Engel and Arburg); with clamping forces ranging from 35 to 500 tons.
  • Every injection machine is outfitted with supplementary equipment such as robots and conveyor belts.
  • The production plant operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The plants large-scale capacity enables us to implement large projects in a short period of time.


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Raw Materials

The range of resins used in production include just about every polymer on the market, from basic polypropylene, polystyrene and polyethylene, to complex thermoplastic polymers such as polycarbonate, polysulphone, acetal, Peek and PPS.


Injection Molding MethodsDSC 7947

The injection molding methods deployed at our production plants include:      

  1. Micro Injection
  2. Injection in a clean room.
  3. Over Molding
  4. Two-Color Injection
  5. Two-Component Injection
  6. Multi-Cavity Injection


The Rimoni Advantage

Rimoni is an established mold manufacturer, providing its plastic injection division with in-house mold maintenance, repair, upgrading and quality control services.

Our customers don't need to juggle between different suppliers and locations, and the result is streamlined production with minimal down-time and the highest quality products.


Quality Control

The Rimoni thermoplastic injection division has its own quality control team, made up of experts, whose sole responsibility is to make sure the final product adheres to the quality standard specified by the customer.

The quality control team utilizes the latest equipment, including a CMM (automated XYZ measurement machine), computerized microscopes, as well as volume, height and pressure measurement tools.

Rimoni Industries adheres to the strictest international quality standards.


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