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Rimoni Offshore Mold Manufacturing Services

Rimoni provides its customers with mold manufacturing services in the Far East in order to lower total cost of mold production.

The Rimoni Advantage in Importing Molds from the Far East

As a mold manufacturer with extensive experience in planning, quality control and production, Rimoni is able to minimize the differences in mold quality and durability between local and offshore production.

At the same time we are able to preserve the advantages of production in the Far East; including lower prices and ability to execute large projects in a short time.

The engineers at our mold manufacturing plant review and amend the plans of the offshore supplier, conducting co-planning of complex mold designs when needed. We also choose the materials for producing the mold in order to ensure quality and durability.

Rimoni's employees are present at the Far East plants in order to oversee the manufacturing process, from order to production to injection tests. Following customer approval, Rimoni oversees packaging of the molds for delivery.


Injection Molding at Rimoni Plast

Rimoni recommends conducting the injection process at its own facilities. This enables close supervision and quality control of the final product; as well as quick solutions to issues that may arise during production - by the same team of engineers who participated in the mold design and execution.

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