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Technology innovators are inherently a step ahead of the market. Rimoni keeps the pace to bring their innovative vision to fruition through precise integrated metal and plastic components.

We understand the dynamic product development process. Our streamlined approach — from advanced, tailored engineering through precise manufacturing and rapid time-to-market — keeps our clients’ inventions ahead of the curve.

We are large enough to bring the most advanced inventions, concepts, ideas or designs to reality; yet, we maintain an adaptable, flexible approach and offer true partnership throughout the entire process.

If you dream it, Rimoni will make it.



Telemetry Controller with Remote Management and Alerts

OTI Telebox is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) controller designed to enable communication between machines, particularly vending machines, self-serve kiosks via various optional communication methods

AR – Augmented Reality

Design Concept

Smoke Detector

By Tyco-Visonic

Design Concept

Edge Motor

By NanoMotion

EDGE Series Motors

Nanomotion’s EDGE motor is the smallest industrial motor of its kind available in the marketplace today. Providing unlimited linear or rotary motion, the EDGE motor offers extensive opportunities in applications that suit a wide range of industries. The EDGE motor works with a uniquely designed, compact ASIC-based driver, and can be operated with any servo controller. The EDGE motor can be easily integrated into most bearing structures, and is ideal for mass production opportunities.

Smart Home Intercom System

By Mircom

Technology Panel

By Kalisaya

Design and manufacture of an operating IMD

Bicycle Facility

Design Concept

Fire Alarm

By Mircom

Noga Tools

Underwater swivel device

By Aquatron

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