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Rimoni provides innovative solutions for consumer products requiring integrated metal and plastic components.

What’s behind many leading kitchen devices, car gadgets, and personal hygiene tools? Engineering innovation and precise manufacturing that makes the product safe, user-friendly and attractive enough to survive in the competitive consumer products marketplace.

Our dedicated team “accompanies” each client through our full-service process — overall planning and design, engineering, cost-effective tooling, quality manufacturing, final assembly, and JIT delivery. Streamlined project management expedites time-to-market and ensures that every Rimoni solution meets (and often exceeds!) the client expectations for their end product.

With more than 120 skilled personnel, we are large enough to bring exciting new products to reality; yet, we maintain a versatile, flexible approach to accommodate the changing needs of clients operating in the dynamic consumer market sector.

Rimoni isn’t just the parts, it’s a part of the whole solution.

Coral Manta – Pool Unit


Artificial intelligence system for alerting to drowning in a home pool

The CORAL System gives you the peace of mind you need when owning a private pool… It is constantly watching and analyzing your pool underwater.

Hair Brush

By kampalook

Precise Touch

By Iluminage

Hair Removal Device

Sparkling Water Maker

By Sodastream

Coffee Machine

By Nespresso

Molds for inner parts

NFC Ring Concepts


Spirit Level

By Kapro


By Defender


By Green Fly

Make Your Camera Fly


By Albaad

Smart Air Conditioner

By Sensibo

Make any air conditioner smart


By Iluminage

Hair removal device

PowerBeat Cover

By Watteam

Drinking Nozzle

By Source

Ecological Mosquito Trap

By Westham Co.

Westham Co. is a biotechnology company that provides advanced solutions for controlling mosquitoes and sand flies that are responsible for the transmission of various diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and more. Westham Co.'s core technology is the Attractant Targeted Sugar Bait (ATSB) - an innovative mosquito control patent.
The structure of the product is adapted to attract mosquitoes and combines various materials. The design language is simple, quiet and anonymous.

Smoke Detector

By Tyco-Visonic

Design Concept

Lunch Box

By Tama

Accessibility Toolbar

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